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The mission of the Australasian Mycological Society is to promote research and teaching in all areas of fungal biology, to raise the profile of mycology in the Australasian region, to promote the conservation of Australasian fungi and to facilitate networking and collaboration among mycologists.

AMS membership includes experts in diverse areas including fungal taxonomy and systematics, ecology, evolution, epidemiology, biochemistry, genetics, cell and molecular biology, biotechnology, conservation and biodiversity, physiology, plant pathology, molecular pathogenesis and medical mycology. 

We organize conferences and forays to bring members together to share their research and to network in a relaxed environment.

Our society welcome new members.



  • The AMS AGM was held on 27 October 2021. Johanna Wong-Bajracharya was elected to the position of society secretary. You can read about Joanna and her research interests here - welcome Joanna!

  • We still have the council position for treasurer open for nomination.  We invite all members, but especially ECRs to consider joining the council. For  more information  please contact the AMS president

  • With COVID still disrupting travel we have not been able to hold an in-person conference this year. We will keep you all updated with plans for 2022, when we hope things will be more normal.

  • Our virtual seminar series continues and we are promoting eTalks and eMeetings that are being organised by various universities and societies .  Please contact the webmaster if you would like us to promote eTalks or eMeetings that are run by your organisation and are open to the public.​

  • Consider applying for an AMS grant: We offer the the AMS Research Grant and the AMS Research Training Grant. For more information click here

  • Check out Tom May's  Fungi Portrait page, which showcases new and interesting fungi found in Australasia.​

  • Our latest newsletters are available on the Newsletters page

  • Take time to look at the terrific facebook page with interesting posts on all things mycological - see  You don't need to be a student to  find the content very interesting and enjoyable.

  • If you have found an interesting fungus and would like to know what it could be, please see our What the Fungus?! page

  • Don't forget to renew your membership! We have concessional and 3-year membership with a discounted cost. Please see the membership page for details.

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