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Conservation Coordinator – Plants and Fungi, Global Center for Species Survival


Applications are being accepted (closing 1 August) for a new position of Conservation Coordinator- Plants and Fungi at the Global Center for Species Survival (GCSS). 


The Global Center for Species Survival (GCSS) has been established as a partnership between the Indianapolis Zoo and the IUCN Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC). The Conservation Coordinator – Plants and Fungi is one of 7 Conservation Coordinators (each assigned to a specific Group). The Coordinator will be part of a multicultural team of full-time staff employed by the Zoo dedicated to support the missions of the Indianapolis Zoo and the SSC. The GCSS Staff Team will provide critical training, capacity and coordination support to further mobilize the species conservation efforts of IUCN SSC Network of experts alongside wider partner and key stakeholder communities. The Conservation Coordinator -- Plants and Fungi will support the programs of the SSC’s plant and fungi Specialist Groups. These Groups are focused on assessing, planning and mobilizing policy and action for plant and fungi species conservation around the world.


GCSS positions are open and available to all candidates worldwide. International candidates must be able to acquire a work visa.

Fluency in English a requirement of all positions. Fluency in other languages is desired.


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Mycology experts and enthusiasts


Calling any and all North Queensland based Mycology experts and enthusiasts to join with us to create a new business venture to grow the first commercial biocomposite made from local waste. We need a dedicated team of passionate mycelium growers to create a plant in Townsville, in partnership with us, <1.5º design.


For more information contact Sara Cole

Check out our green architecture

Product example + license


Calling on a Material Revolutionist to join a collaborative research and development team based in Sydney. This field research and development is in bio-manufacturing, exploring mycelium as a medium for growing ethical materials for construction and product design out of agricultural waste.


Driven by the need for innovation based on regenerative practises, inspires the idea of revolutionising the built environment. Our strategy is centred in biomimicry, nature inspired design that allows us to learn from and mimic the strategies found in nature to solve complex human design challenges.


We consider waste as a human idea - we connect waste with purpose by the mycoremediation of the industrial ecology. Tapping into the queendom of fungi, we are able to restore unwanted materials into products of responsibility and efficiency.


What you will be doing:

• Research and develop Mycelium strains for biomaterials

• Train mycelium strains in developing biomaterial prototypes

• Continue to develop and test biomaterial prototypes


What we need from you:

• Alignment in vision and philosophy

• Charisma, uniqueness, creativity, and tenacity

• Experienced mycologist - growing mycelium on various substrates

• Willing to learn, educate and grow with us


See the attached PDF for more details.


We want you to join (y)our revolution!

More information and applications please contact Daniel on the details below.


Mobile: 0406738522

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