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AMS Fungal Education Subcommittee

One of the missions of the Australasian Mycological Society is to promote teaching in all areas of fungal biology. There has been an obvious decline in mycological education at schools and universities in Australasia, and so in 2016, the AMS constituted a new subcommittee with a focus on countering this. The subcommittee members include  Susan Nuske (Chair; Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Dee Carter (University of Sydney), John Dearnaley (University of Southern Queensland), Jeff Powell (Western Sydney University), Sapphire McMullan Fisher (Fungimap), Catherine Marciniak (ABC Documentary maker), Steve Axford (Photographer) and Leonie McGlashan (School Teacher) and Peter Wenzel (Fungi Co Australia).

We are currently searching for a new Chair for the Education Subcommittee. Please get in touch if you are interested in taking on this fantastic initiative!

Anyone interested can join the AMS Education google group for discussions about mycology education. The core subcommittee meets via regular online meetings and periodically in person at conferences to set goals and prioritise actions to improve education in mycology in Australasia. If you would like to be part of this google group or subcommittee, or have suggestions to pass on, please contact contact Susan Nuske at

For information about education in mycology please see our "Learning about Fungi and Teaching Tools" page

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