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AMS Fungal Education Subcommittee

One of the missions of the Australasian Mycological Society is to promote teaching in all areas of fungal biology. There has been an obvious decline in mycological education at schools and universities in Australasia, and so in 2016, the AMS constituted a new subcommittee with a focus on countering this.


Our initial goal at the moment is to update the Learning about Fungi and Teaching Tools. We will also provide updates on current university courses that include mycological aspects, as well as educational material such as 'Exercises in Mycology' and videos (e.g. mycology in different sectors/industries). We are also aiming to connect further with local and state mycological groups in order to foster interactions between AMS members and their communities.

The education sub-committee currently has 13 members

Jonathan Plett - Western Sydney Uni

Sarah Sapsford - Murdoch University

Anna Hopkins - Edith Cowan University

Catharine Marciniak - Creative Director

Stephen Axford - Photographer

Dee Carter - University of Sydney

Elizabeth Aiken - University of Queensland

Sapphire McMullan-Fisher - University of New England

Georgia Wunderlich - University of Tasmania

James Fraser - University of Queensland

John Dearnaley - University of Southern Queensland

Mary Hanson - Edith Cowan University

Susan Nuske - EcoFutures

Anyone interested can join the AMS Education google group for discussions about mycology education. We are particlarly looking for members who are interested in being involved in a mentor program, as well as anyone willing to put together a video demonstrating mycology in action. Please get in touch with Sarah (  if you are interested in taking on this fantastic initiative! 

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