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Useful Links


Australian Society for Microbiology  (


Fungimap (


Australasian Society for Plant Pathology (


Fungal Network of New Zealand (

Queensland Mycological Society (


Asian Mycological Society (


British Mycological Society (


Mycological Society of America (


International Mycological Society (


European Mycological Society (


International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (


International Mycorrhiza Society (

International Society for Fungal Conservation (

MushroomExpert.Com (

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Other Australian and New Zealand Websites

Australian Biological Resources Study: Fungi (

Fungi Australia (

Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Field Book (

Sydney Fungal Studies Group (

University of Adelaide: Mycology Online (

WA Fungi research – Fungus Factsheets (

New Zealand Plant Conservation Network: Fungi (

New Zealand Fungi and Bacteria (NZFUNGI): (

New Zealand Identification tools (

Other fungal groups in various Australian states can be found here
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