The Australian Mycological Society was first established in 1993 and was incorporated in 1995 as the Australasian Mycological Society Inc.


The Society is governed by rules specified in the AMS constitution.


The Society Council consists of Office Bearers, including the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary, along with two Councillors. The Webmaster and Student Representative are adjunct members of the Council.


Council members are elected to their position and may hold office until the conclusion of the annual general meeting following their election.  Council members are eligible for re-election for up to three consecutive full terms as president and/or vice-president and up to six consecutive full terms as a Council member.


AMS Patrons

2015 – present : Pam and David Catcheside

1999 – 2006: Gretna Weste

1997 – 1998: Jack Warcup



Annual General Meetings (AGMs)


The 2018 AGM was held via ZOOM teleconference on 15 October. 

  • Minutes of the 2018 AMS Annual General Meeting, President's & Treasurer's report (PDF 324 KB)

  • President's report 2017 (PDF 77 KB)

  • Minutes of the 2017 AMS Annual General Meeting & Treasurer's report (PDF 104 KB)

  • President's report 2016 (PDF 115 KB)

  • Minutes of the 2016 AMS Annual General Meeting & Treasurer's report (PDF 131 KB)

  • President's report 2015 (PDF 127 KB)

  • Minutes of the 2015 AMS Annual General Meeting (PDF 94 KB)

  • Treasurer's report 2015 (PDF 451 KB)

  • President's report 2014 (PDF 422 KB)

  • Minutes of the 2014 AMS Annual General Meeting (PDF 94 KB)

  • Treasurer's report 2014 (PDF 516 KB)

  • President's report 2013 (PDF 422 KB)

  • Minutes of the 2013 AMS Annual General Meeting (PDF 37 KB)

  • President’s report 2012 (PDF, 86KB)

  • Minutes of the 2012 AMS Annual General Meeting (PDF, 81KB)

  • Minutes of the Special General AMS Meeting, July 2011 (PDF, 54KB)

  • President’s report 2011 (PDF, 79KB)

  • Minutes of the 2011 AMS Annual General Meeting (PDF, 758KB)

  • Minutes of the 2010 AMS Annual General Meeting (PDF, 227KB)

  • President’s report 2010 (PDF, 45KB)

  • Minutes of the 2009 AMS Annual General Meeting (PDF, 315KB)