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Our brand-new 2023 AMS members pin is ready to ship!

As we started last year, we will be producing an annual AMS Members Pin.
The 2023 pin was designed by Dr Jordan Bailey to be sent out to all members joined before 20th May
this year and existing members.

Design inspiration

The 75th meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly chose this year as the Year of the Millets. With a history of over 8,000 years of human consumption, millets serve as an important source of nutrition for millions of people as well as for our livestock.
Due to their stress tolerance, this resilient crop is being promoted by the UN as a valuable a
lly in the fight against world hunger. However, like all plants, millets are attacked by a range of pathogens. This year’s pin focuses our attention on two of these: Sclerospora graminicola and Puccinia substriata var. indica. In our support of the UN sustainability goals, let us as a community support research in fighting these diseases!

AMS membership aims to promote mycology and interaction and collaboration among mycologists from all areas of the science.  A quarterly newsletter, regular conferences and forays are all avenues to bring members together to share their research, network and build the profile of mycology.


We encourage anyone interested in mycology and the aims of the society to apply for membership. 

Several types of membership are offered, including Sustaining Membership, which provides an opportunity for members to make a larger contribution to running the society.  Sustaining members will be listed (with their permission) in the December online newsletter of the AMS.

All individual memberships provide voting rights in Society general meetings. 


In accordance with obligations under the Society’s Constitution, all new applications for membership are subject to ratification by Council.

If you wish to suppress your address on the public register please use this form.


Membership renewal and application for membership


Membership subscriptions fall due on 1 January each year.

To facilitate preparation of the Society’s accounts for auditing before the AGM, we encourage you to subscribe prior to April 30.  The Treasurer will endeavour to send individual reminders to all members including any arrears.

Treasurer: Jordan Bailey

Membership prices

Membership subscription in the Society covers a calendar year, with subscriptions falling due on January 1 each year. Membership can be purchased in the following categories:

Online payment

Note: when paying by PayPal please forward the transaction number and/or receipt to

Full Membership


1 year:  $75.00

3 years: $200.00

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Laboratory Membership

Laboratory membership can be purchased by a lab head to cover themselves and all students under their primary supervision, and provides the lab head and named students all membership entitlements. Please send the name and status of each student to the treasurer when purchasing laboratory membership. 


1 year:  $150.00


3 years:  $400.00

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Concessional Membership

The Concessional Member category covers students, retirees, and those receiving a government pension.


1 year:  $37.50

3 years:  $100.00

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Sustaining Membership

1 year:  $150.00

3 years:  $400.00

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Non-online payment:

  • Cheque or money order in AU$ payable to the Australasian Mycological Society Inc.

  • Direct deposit into the Society’s account :


BANK: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

NAME: Australasian Mycological Society

BRANCH ADDRESS: 33-35 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City, ACT 2600, Australia

FULL ACCOUNT NUMBER including Bank, State & Branch number (BSB): 06 2919 10113007

SWIFT CODE for international transfers: CTBAAU2S

Please put AMS, your first initial and your surname in the ‘narration’ field to indicate who made the payment (e.g. AMS John Smith)

  • Once you have renewed your membership also e-mail the treasurer your name, address and e-mail details so we can keep our membership files up to date

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