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Australasian Mycologist

Australasian Mycologist was first published 1981 and was the official journal of the Australasian Mycological Society, publishing on all aspects of mycology, including taxonomy, ecology, systematics, genetics, medical mycology, plant pathology, population biology, mycology history. All papers are freely available in tharchive below.


At the 2014 AGM of the AMS our members voted that the journal was not viable and would cease publishing.  We are therefore no longer accepting manuscripts. The Society encourages members to submit manuscripts on Australasian mycology to IMA Fungus (; the official journal of the International Mycological Association (IMA;


Australasian Mycologist Archive

All work is freely available on the AMS website and PubMed Central’s Open Access subset for the public to copy, distribute, adapt or display under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike 3.0 Unported License


Legal Code:


Final Issue: #32, August 2015


Goodbye to Australasian Mycologist


Dee Carter, Managing Editor

School of Molecular Bioscience, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia. 


Author for correspondence. Email:

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