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The 2018 Australasian Mycological Society Scientific meeting will be held on 10-11  July in the Old Woolshed, Hobart, Tasmania


Plenary speaker:  

Sarah Gurr  (University of )

Rytas Vilgalys (Duke University, USA).

The meeting includes two full days of symposia.  For further information download the conference flyer.

Meeting organisers: Leona Campbell, Jeff Powell, Genivieve Gates

2020 Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Mycological Society

Registration and abstract submission

To register for the meeting please do the following:

  1. Register and pay here for the meeting (2 day or one day) and the dinner (Note: your payment is your registration so please ensure you include your e-mail address on the PayPal form). If you would like to present on the AMS only day (July 5th) upload your abstract below.

  2. If you have registered for 2 days, in addition to your registration via AMS you will also need to register for “no-charge” on the ASM website at (this is so your formal attendance for Wednesday is noted by the ASM for catering purposes).

    • Once in the ASM registration site either login to your Currinda profile or create a Currinda profile if necessary.

    • Register for no charge by clicking  “AMS Members Wednesday Single Day”. (Note: there is a slight glitch on the ASM site that means you have to tick that you are an AMS member, whether you are or not, in order to register for free)

    • If you wish to attend the ASM Eukaryotic SIG workshop of the Wednesday afternoon also tick that box (this is also free with your AMS registration).

    • Once your registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email from ASM.

    • If you wish to submit an abstract for the AMS meeting meeting you should upload your abstract via your Currinda profile site by clicking on the “Abstracts” tab at the top of the page. Please note that there are no poster sessions on July 4th and probably only very limited spots for proffered oral papers, hence if you are planning to attend only on July 4th-5th we recommend submitting your abstract via AMS.


2- day joint meeting of  ASM + the Australasian Mycological Society (4-5 July):  







1-day meeting of the Australasian Mycological Society (5 July):






                                  ***To join the Australasian Mycological Society please see our membership page***



AMS dinner (4th July) :




AMS members:       $ 200

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Non-AMS members:  $ 300

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AMS members:  $ 100

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Non-AMS members:  $ 200

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Dinner tickets:                $ 78

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The 2018 AMS conference dinner will be held at Alchemy Restaurant (

175 Eagle St, Brisbane.

Wednesday 4th July from 7 pm.

Dinner will include a main course and a dessert.  Please e-mail the treasurer ( if you have any specific food requirements.

Foray to Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens  – 4th July, 2–5 pm

The AMS Fungal Foray will take place at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. We hope to see an interesting array of saprotrophic or mycorrhizal basidiomycetes.


Meet the bus outside Rydges Southbank at 1:30 pm.


There is no charge but please let John Dearnaley know if you are

intending to come (

abstract submission

Abstract submission

Prepare your abstract using the template below and submit it using the file upload button on the right. Please enter your name in the message field, and any other information you wish to include including whether you would like to be considered for a talk or a poster.

If you would like to be considered for an oral presentation you will need to submit the abstract by 25 May.

For a poster presentation please submit by 8 June.

In addition to the written abstract we highly encourage the submission of graphical abstract, which is a single, concise, pictorial summary of your main findings. Prepare your graphical abstract using graphics software and save it as a TIFF, JPEG or PPT file.  Submit this separately to your written abstract (but using the same file upload button) with your name and the title of the abstract in the message. Please note the upload limit of 10 MB.

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