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Australasian Mycologist     Volume 28(1): 2009

Nick Gust and Joshua Griffiths

Platypus mucormycosis and its conservation implications.
Australasian Mycologist 28(1), 1-8


Popchai Ngamskulrungroj and Wieland Meyer
Melanin production at 37°C is linked to the high virulent Cryptococcus gattii Vancouver Island outbreak genotype VGIIa.
Australasian Mycologist 28(1), 9-14


Dharmica Mistry, Dee Carter and Jocelyne D'Souza Basseal
Low nutrient Eucalyptus wood chip agar: a semi-quantitative medium for assessing melanin production by Cryptococcus gattii.
Australasian Mycologist 28(1), 15-18


Katharina Ulrich, Popchai Ngamskulrungroj and Wieland Meyer
M13 PCR fingerprinting detects genetic instability of Cryptococcus gattii after passage through a rat model of infection
Australasian Mycologist 28(1), 19-22


Bettye J. Rees, Richard Cracknell, Adam Marchant and David A. Orlovich
A near-fatal case consistent with mushroom poisoning due to Amanita species.
Australasian Mycologist 28(1), 23-28





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