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Australasian Mycologist     Volume 21(3): 2003


Front matter


A. A. Francis and N. L. Bougher
Historical and current perspectives in the systematics of Australian cortinarioid sequestrate (truffle-like) fungi.
Australasian Mycologist 21, 81–93


Frank H. Gleason, Geoffrey L.R. Gordon and Michael W. Phillips
Variation in morphology of rhizoids in Australian isolates of Caecomyces (Chytridiomycetes).
Australasian Mycologist 21, 94–101


B. J. Rees, A. D. Marchant, G. C. Zuccarello, M. M. Heslewood and J. Bartlett
A Southern Hemisphere contribution to the phylogenetic study of the agarics.
Australasian Mycologist 21, 102–110


J. L. Alcorn
Report: Two unusual hyphomycetes from litter.
Australasian Mycologist 21, 111–113


A. M. Young
Report: Brief notes on the status of Family Hygrophoraceae Lotsy.
Australasian Mycologist 21, 114–116


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