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Australasian Mycologist     Volume 23(3): 2004


Front matter


P. Greenslade and A. Clift
Review of pest arthropods recorded from commercial mushroom farms in Australia
Australasian Mycologist 23, 77–93


A. F. Williams, S. M. Chambers, P. W. Davies, C. B. McLean & J. W. G. Cairney
Molecular investigation of sterile root-associated fungi from Epacris microphylla R. Br. (Ericaceae) and other epacrids at alpine, subalpine and coastal heathland sites
Australasian Mycologist 23, 94–104


H. Lepp
Hemimycena tortuosa, newly recorded from Australia.
Australasian Mycologist 23, 105–107


T. W. May
Obituary: Sophie Charlotte Ducker: a mycological appreciation.
Australasian Mycologist 23, 108–109


Book Review

Cheryl Grgurinovic
Mycena D'Eupopa, Giovanni Robich (2003).
Australasian Mycologist 23, 110–111


Book Review

J. A. Simpson
Fungi Of Australia Volume 2B. Catalogue and Bibliography of Australian Fungi 2 Basidiomycota p.p. & Myxomycota p.p. May, T.W., Milne, J., Shingles, S. & Jones, R.H. (2003).
Australasian Mycologist 23, 111–112


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