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Australasian Mycologist    Volume 28(2-3): 2009


Andrea E. Roberts, Ian J. Radford and David A. Orlovich
Do alterations of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities change interactions between an invader Hieracium lepidulum and two co-occurring species? A glasshouse study.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 29-35  Published online 27 November 2009


Genevieve M. Gates and David A. Ratkowsky
Comparing indigenous and European-based concepts of seasonality for predicting macrofungal fruiting activity in Tasmania.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 36-42  Published online 27 November 2009


Maung Mya Thaung
A new species of Uromyces (Pucciniales) on Trichosanthes (Cucurbitaceae) from Burma.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 43-44  Published online 27 November 2009


J. D. W. Dearnaley, A. J. Murray and M. T. Mathieson
Molecular identification of a mycorrhizal Sebacinaceae from the endangered Caladenia atroclavia(black clubbed spider orchid)
Australasian Mycologist 28, 45-50  Published online 27 November 2009


Naveed A. Syed, David J. Midgley, Pearl K.C. Ly, Jennifer A. Saleeba and Peter A. McGee
Do plant endophytic and free-living Chaetomium species differ?
Australasian Mycologist 28, 51-55  Published online 27 November 2009


Roland McHugh, David W. Mitchell, Margaret H. Brims and Steven L. Stephenson
New additions to the Myxomycota of Australia
Australasian Mycologist 28, 56-64  Published online 27 November 2009


A.M.Young and N.A.Fechner
Australian coralloid fungi II - a new species of Ramaria (Gomphales) from Western Australia:Ramaria citrinocuspidata sp. nov.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 65-67  Published online 27 November 2009


Maung Mya Thaung
Report: Additions (and annotations) to fungi of Burma.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 68-69  Published online 27 November 2009


Tom May
Book review. Dictionary of the Fungi, 10th ed.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 70-73  Published online 27 November 2009


Abstracts: 2009 Conference of the Australasian Mycological Society and the 23rd New Zealand Fungal Foray Mycology Colloquium.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 74-77  Published online 27 November 2009


Recently completed research theses in mycology.
Australasian Mycologist 28, 77-80  Published online 27 November 2009

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