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Australasian Mycologist     Volume 29(2-3): 2011


Research papers:


D.J. Midgley, P.A. McGee, M.I. Stewart and J.A. Saleeba

Diverse assemblages of ascomycetous fungi occur in woodland, grassland and cropping soils of northern-central New South Wales, Australia

Australasian Mycologist 29, 29-36 


A.J. M. Hopkins, M. Glen, S.J. Grove, T.J. Wardlaw and C.L. Mohammed

Wood-inhabiting fungi found within living Eucalyptus obliqua trees in southern Tasmania.

Australasian Mycologist 29, 37-46 


R.E. Halling and N.A. Fechner

Heimioporus (Boletineae) in Australia.

Australasian Mycologist 29, 47-51 




Announcement for FungiMap VI (14-19 July, 2011, Denmark, WA) 

Announcement for the 25th NZ Fungal Foray and Colloquium (13-20 May, Tauhara Centre, Taupo, NZ)

Australasian Mycologist 29, 52 

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