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Australasian Mycologist     Volume 31: April 2013

K. Soop
A contribution to the study of the cortinarioid mycoflora of New Zealand, V
Australasian Mycologist 31, 1-9
A.F. Le Brocque, H. Case and J.D.W. Dearnaley
Response of soil fungal richness and composition to Lantana camara L. infestation in the Toowoomba region, South-East Queensland, Australia
Australasian Mycologist 31, 17-23
P.L. Leonard, S.J.M. McMullan-Fisher and T. Lebel
Pisolithus croceorrhizus P. Leonard & McMullan-Fisher sp. nov. from Queensland, Australia and New Caledonia 
Australasian Mycologist 31, 25-29

Supplementary Material

Bougher, N.L.
Obituary:  A Tribute to Roger Norman Hilton (1927–2012)
Australasian Mycologist 31, 11-15
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