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IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are acutely aware of the uncertainty around whether restrictions on group events and travel will continue into July. If that is the case, we will consider whether we can operate the conference on-line – in that case, we envision that registration costs will be reduced or waived and will provide partial/full refunds to those who have already paid.


In the event that we have to cancel the meeting entirely, we will refund the meeting registration cost to delegates who have already paid.


We are sure that people are reluctant to register given this uncertainty. The best way to confirm your interest in the meeting going forward in some capacity is to submit your abstract via the instructions on this page. It is not a requirement to register and pay the fee to submit an abstract.

Updated 18 March 2020


Workshops on 9 July

  • Identification of Amanita (with Elaine Davison)

  • Red Listing of Fungi (with Peter Buchanan and Tom May)

  • Australian Microbiome Initiative (with Jeff Powell and Andrew Bissett)

The 2020 Australasian Mycological Society Scientific meeting will be held on 10-11 July in the Old Woolshed, Hobart, Tasmania


Plenary speakers:  

Amanda Black (Lincoln University, New Zealand)

David Bowman (University of Tasmania, Australia)

The meeting includes two full days of symposia, including 

  • Conservation and restoration

  • Ecology

  • Medical mycology

  • Mycological innovations

  • Plant and animal mycology

  • Systematics and evolution

Meeting organisers: Leona Campbell Genevieve Gates Laszló Irinyi Jeff Powell Tracey Steinrucken Bevan Weir

2020 Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Mycological Society

Registration and abstract submission

Meeting registration

ASM Members  

Full AMS members:       $ 200

Student members:        $ 100

Non-ASM members

Regular price                 $ 300

Student price                $ 150

 ***AMS membership is only $75 per year ($37.50 for students)***

***To join please see our membership page***


Workshops are free to delegates attending the AMS meeting, but you need to register by 15 June 2020. Please note that some have limited space, and if registrants exceed maximum numbers preference will be given to students, ECRs and others who can demonstrate that these will be of benefit to their research program. You will be able to provide this information when you register.

Please choose only one workshop as they are run concurrently on 9 July.

  • Australian Microbiome Initiative
    Thu, 09 July
    CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric, Battery Pt
    09 July 2020, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
    CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric, Battery Pt, Castray Esplanade, Battery Point TAS 7004, Australia
    This is a collaborative project aspiring to characterise the diversity and ecosystem service provision of the microorganisms inhabiting natural Australian ecosystems. Organised by Jeff Powell and Andrew Bissett
  • Red Listing of Fungi
    Thu, 09 July
    UTAS Sandy Bay Campus
    09 July 2020, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
    UTAS Sandy Bay Campus, Sandy Bay TAS 7005, Australia
    Organised by Peter Buchanan and Tom May. IUCN Red List categories and criteria will be explained (including worked examples) and new assessments made, based participant’s data.
  • Identification of Amanita
    Thu, 09 July
    UTAS Sandy Bay Campus
    09 July 2020, 9:00 am
    UTAS Sandy Bay Campus, Sandy Bay TAS 7005, Australia
    Organised by Elaine Davison, this hands-on workshop will show how microscopic characters are used to identify amanitas; how to be confident you are in the correct genus, and how micro-anatomy relates to field characters.

AMS conference dinner (10 July)

The 2018 AMS conference dinner will be held at Stockmans Restaurant in   The Old Woolshed


Friday 10 July from 7 pm.

Please e-mail the treasurer ( if you have any specific food requirements.

Dinner tickets:       Full price            $ 75

                                          Student price    $ 50

abstract submission

Abstract submission

Prepare your abstract using the template below and submit it using this link: 

If you would like to be considered for an oral presentation you will need to submit the abstract by 15 May.

For a poster presentation please submit by 12 June.

In addition to the written abstract we highly encourage the submission of graphical abstract, which is a single, concise, pictorial summary of your main findings. Prepare your graphical abstract using graphics software and save it as a TIFF, JPEG or PPT file.  Submit this together with your written abstract.

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